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Rates, Rules, and Reservations...

2024 Nightly Rates

Nightly Rate includes 2 people and one vehicle*
Check In - 1pm
Check Out - Noon

Please call for information regarding weekly RV rates
and Short Term Extended Stay Monthly RV Rates

Full Hookup RV Site
            (30 amp, water, sewer)
$ 60.00 + tax
Electric & Water RV Site (30 amp)$ 50.00 + tax
Primitive Tent Site$ 35.00 + tax
Camping Cabin $ 70.00 + tax
Children   (age 4 - 17)$ 5.00 + tax each
Extra Adults   (age 18 & up; limits apply)$ 10.00 + tax each
Day Visitor** (must be on reservation guest list &
                        visiting registered campsite)
$ 5.00 + tax each

All Guests must register and pay at office upon arrival, and display car pass.

10% Military discount available for Nightly Rate.

We reserve the right to limit the number of people per site, and the number of people in combined reservations (sites associated with one another). * If you have more than 2 people in your campsite...
  • Extra person charges apply.
  • We allow up to 6 people and 1 vehicle for a single site (for most sites).
  • Some sites have a 2 person limit.
** Day Visitors...
  • Must be pre arranged (on reservation guest list on file at the office)
  • Must register and pay at office upon arrival, and display park pass.
  • Day Visitors may stay till 9pm.
  • Visitor parking is available at the Campground office unless prior arrangements are made and approved to park at your site.
*** Tent Campers may stay up to 3 nights.


We take reservations up to 1 year in advance. Reservations must be made over the phone or in person. If you have a reservation, and any information you provided has changed (# in party, visitors, etc.), please notify us well in advance of your arrival, so we can update your reservation and approve any changes. We will do our best to accommodate all of our guests needs.
Guests with reservations who have not notified us of changes prior to arrival may be denied extra people or visitors that were not pre approved.

Cancellation Policy ~ Please be courteous and call if you are unable to keep your reservation.

Please call if you have any questions.


Campground Rules & Policies

A note about our rules...
All campgrounds have rules. Not all campgrounds enforce their rules. WE DO. 10 o'clock means 10 o'clock and 5 mph means 5 mph. We have children here! This is a campground and RV park for guests who prefer a peaceful camping experience. One where you can hear the rustle of the leaves in the breeze. One where nobody has loud music during the day or is partying at night. This is a place for guests who respect all of the pet rules. If this type of camping does not appeal to you, you can save a lot of time and trouble by choosing another campground where you can enjoy your style of camping. We strive to provide a nice quiet campground experience for all of our guests to enjoy. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

This locally owned commercial park is operated to provide quality recreation RV and camping services to families and individuals. Only registered persons and vehicles are permitted to enter the camping areas. The person who registers for any campsite must agree on behalf of all persons covered that these policies will be followed. Always use caution and care appropriate to our natural settings. Carry a flashlight or lantern after dark.
  • Check-in from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Cabin Check-In is 3pm or later.
  • Check-out or re-register by 12:00 noon.
    Pre-arrange any early or late check-in or late check-out to avoid reservation conflicts; we have no stand by parking.
  • Noise ~ Make sure your audio, video, vocal, or instrumental entertainment does not disturb neighbors at any time, even if you don't have neighbors.
  • Quiet hour is 10:00 pm.
  • Visitors are $5.00 per person plus tax.
    • Pre-arrange expected visitors on your reservation guest list
    • Visitors must register and pay upon arrival.
    • Visitor Parking is next to the office unless prior arrangements are made for on site parking.
    • Visitors may stay until 9pm
  • Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times, should be with them after 9:00 pm, and never left alone at the park; those under 7 should always be accompanied outside their campsites.
  • Sidewalk chalk...Sidewalk chalk may be used at the playground sidewalk only.
  • Dogs are welcome... if they are leashed at all times, in camp as well as out, attended,and quiet. Don't bring aggressive dogs. Do not leave your dog alone. Whether walking or at camp, pick up and dispose of droppings promptly. Do not use park laundries, sinks or showers for pets or pet articles. We will not tolerate disregard of these policies.
  • Remind your party to place beverage containers, candy wrappers, etc. in trash cans located in or near most teach kids not to litter.
  • Seal your garbage (campsite generated trash only) in plastic bags and deposit in dumpster. Keep your broken furniture, boxes, and packaging for disposal at home. Dishwater (gray water) must be drained at sewer site or dump station...not on the ground or in the bushes.
  • Park RV's, cars, and trucks only on parking pads.
  • Utility connections may be used only with proper cords, hoses, and adapters in good repair. Cleanup and repair due to careless use will be charged.
  • Stay out of undergrowth areas surrounding campsites.
  • Inquire before setup if uncertain.
  • Don't nail anything to trees, string ropes or lines, move fireplaces, or move tables out of sites.
  • Campfires are permitted only in the rings provided unless ban is posted. Keep fires small and never leave them unattended. Bring local firewood or buy it at office;Do not burn anything but actual firewood. We do not allow the burning of pallets or any type construction material.
    scavenging deadfall is not allowed.
    Let us know if you need help starting your fire :)
  • Lost and found ~ Report, turn in, or claim items at office. Never enter or remove any article from another site. "Finders-keepers" does not apply.
  • Reservations are recommended.
    Check above chart for rates and cancellation policy.
  • Swimming ~ No lifeguard on duty. Children under 14 must be accompanied by adult; no food, glass, or tobacco. Shower with soap before swimming. Heed posted rules.
  • Vehicles
    • Motor vehicles ~ operation is restricted to licensed operators
    • Non-powered bikes, skateboards, etc., may be used only during daylight unless lighted.
    • All must be operated only on roads, follow posted speed limits, directions, and rules at all times; stay off grass, walks, and trails, and out of buildings and entryways. Washing, servicing, or repair is not allowed.
  • Prohibited ~ All fireworks, display or use of any weapon, scavenging; trespass in other sites (occupied or not); chopping, cutting, or removal of any plant, tree, or equipment; metal detecting or digging for any purpose; drones; adjusting, modifying, or tampering with any equipment, facility, or utility; damaging or defacing any park property by any means, soliciting, for any purpose. No Generators or Tiki Torches.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, or evict without refund any whose behavior is unlawful, socially offensive or menacing to others, or any who willfully disregard these policies. Law enforcement will be called in the event of any unlawful activity. Any crime against park personnel or property will be prosecuted. Park users agree upon registration to hold the park, owners, and staff harmless for accident, injury, or loss from any cause.

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